My name is Kyra Sinclair, I am a third year student at Thompson Rivers University and am currently in the BA Program. I am finishing the 90 prerequisite credits for the Bachelor of Education program at TRU and applying for the actual BEd program at The University of Northern British Columbia in 2018. This course intrigued me because I plan to pursue a career in teaching young children, so understanding the history of how my future job evolved is really important… or at least I think it is. This course opened my eyes to many different concepts, ideas, and horrors; I can’t think of a specific topic that stood out to me because I genuinely enjoyed them all. I was eager to do the readings each week because I was fascinated by everything I learned and my notebook is filled with notes because I want to remember it all! This class has been an incredible learning experience and I know I will continue to look back on what I have learned.